You work hard for yourself and your family.

We deliver the money you need when you need it.

Postal, federal and other eligible employees who reside in Georgia can apply for loans from $3,001 - $4,000.

If you are approved, getting a loan is easy – we simply direct deposit the money into your checking or savings account where it will often be available the next business day

Review these checklist items to apply for an Archerfield Funding loan.

Georgia Application Requirements

Loan Application Requirements

Please begin the loan application process by answering true or false to these statements. All statements must be true in order for you to be eligible to apply
for an Archerfield Funding loan.

I work for the US Postal Service or non-military governmental agency

Yes No

I am a resident of the State of Georgia

Yes No

I have a savings or checking account in my name

Yes No

I have a Visa card or MasterCard card

Yes No

I have a Social Security Number

Yes No

I have no open bankruptcy

Yes No

I will be able to provide copies of my two most recent pay stubs

Yes No


Georgia Documents You Will Need

Required Documents

The following documents are necessary for you to be considered for an Archerfield Funding loan.

  • Copy of work ID
  • Copy of Georgia driver's license or Georgia State identification card.
  • Copy of major credit or debit card listed on the application.
  • Voided check, most recent bank statement or bank letter. Name and complete account # must be printed, no handwritten or temporary checks will be accepted.
  • Utility bill.
  • Two most recent pay stubs.

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Georgia Rates and Fees

Rates and Fees

Archerfield Funding fees are compliant with all State and Federal laws.

Interest Rate – 60%

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